Month: May 2018

Prodigy May 30, 2018 Zenyatta is one of the few Overwatch heroes that has firmly been in the meta throughout the first season of the Overwatch League. Next to Mercy, you can find Zenyatta as a staple of every team’s backline in pretty much every OWL match. He (yes I’m going with he over it and it’s certainly not […]

Prodigy May 21, 2018

This new Best of the Best series is one I plan on doing for each Overwatch playable character. The premise is which Overwatch League players rank among the elite at each Overwatch hero. This is a resource Overwatch players can use to learn, improve or just have fun on an Overwatch hero. Today’s piece is […]

Prodigy May 15, 2018

Will the Shanghai Dragons win their first game in Stage 4 or finish the inaugural OWL season without a win? Right now, they’re 0-30. But the Shanghai Dragons have a potentially winnable game in each week of Stage 4. This question might quickly get answered in their first game tomorrow, when they face off against […]

Prodigy May 3, 2018

San Francisco Shock vs Florida Mayhem The first match of the evening has no stage playoff implications, and certainly no league playoff ramifications. It’s almost a stretch to call either of these teams “mid-card”. Each played long matches yesterday and will probably be tired tonight. But this match boasts something undeniably watchable: Architect vs Sayaplayer. […]