Month: June 2018

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Prodigy June 11, 2018

The Overwatch League playoff field is virtually already set going into the final week of play. NYXL and the Los Angeles Valiant have already secured their first round byes by winning their respective divisions. While the Boston Uprising have had an abysmal Stage 4, they’ve secured their playoff spot thanks to a 10-0 Stage 3. […]

Prodigy June 8, 2018

Unlike most Overwatch heroes, Widowmaker has only one job: click heads. This hero is based off pure hitscan aiming ability. It’s often difficult to choose players in these rankings, due to the fact that it’s troublesome quantifying an exact contribution from heroes like tanks and heroes like supports that heavily rely on their teammates. With […]

Prodigy June 2, 2018

London Spitfire (-1.5) -305* vs Dallas Fuel (+1.5) +235* I don’t particularly like betting London games because you can’t trust London. On paper, they have one of the best rosters in the Overwatch League. That roster has mostly lived up the hype as the Spitfire have the second best record in the league. But the […]