Prodigy June 11, 2018 convince The Overwatch League playoff field is virtually already set going into the final week of play. NYXL and the Los Angeles Valiant have already secured their first round byes by winning their respective divisions. While the Boston Uprising have had an abysmal Stage 4, they’ve secured their playoff spot thanks to a 10-0 Stage 3. The London Spitfire are one map win or one Houston map loss away from clinching a playoff berth. The Spitfire play Florida this week while Houston take on NYXL, therefore we can pencil London in.

misoprostol and mifepristone price in india еnter The Shock, Fuel, Mayhem and Dragons are mathematically eliminated from playoff contention. Therefore, the final two spots will be fought over by the Fusion, the Gladiators, the Outlaws and the Dynasty. The Gladiators and Fusion both have a two game lead over the Outlaws and Dynasty so they’re one win away from securing a playoff berth. Houston have the map differential advantage over Philadelphia, so if the Outlaws can beat Philly and NYXL this week, in addition to the Fusion losing both of their games, the Outlaws could sneak in. But it’s certainly most likely the Gladiators and Fusion claim the final two playoff spots this week. Playoff seeding is certainly up for contention this week, as the difference between spots 3-6 is marginal. My prediction for playoff seeding is this:

  1. New York Excelsior
  2. Los Angeles Valiant
  3. Los Angeles Gladiators
  4. Boston Uprising
  5. London Spitfire
  6. Philadelphia Fusion

aygestin usa model The stage playoff race is a little more interesting and features some different names. The first three seeds are practically a lock, claimed by each Los Angeles team and NYXL. Four teams are fighting over the final slot. Currently in fourth are the Dallas Fuel. The Fuel play a very winnable game against the Dynasty, but have to take on the Valiant in their final regular season game of the year. They share a 5-3 record with the Outlaws and the Fusion, but lead both on map differential. The Shock are on the outside looking in at 4-4. They do get an easy game versus Shanghai, but they too must beat the Valiant to have a chance to get into the stage playoffs.

buy ginseng еnable I think the Shock are a safe cross off as their only case to get in is beating LAV and winning on map differential. The most important game of this week will certainly be the Houston Outlaws vs the Philadelphia Fusion. If one of the Fuel, Fusion, or Outlaws win both their games this week, they should be in the stage playoffs. I’ll predict the games to go like this:

filter Seoul 1-3 Dallas

cytotec without a rx Outlaws 3-2 Fusion

Check Out Your URL Outlaws 1-3 NYXL

Fuel 1-3 Valiant

Fusion 3-2 Spitfire

In this scenario each of the three teams go 1-1 this week, which leads to map differential. If indeed a tie causes a map differential tiebreaker I think the Fuel get the last spot. But the Fusion have the best chance of winning both their games this week, so their destiny is in their own hands with two winnable games versus Houston and London. Here’s my prediction for Stage 4 playoff seeding:

  1. Los Angeles Valiant
  2. Los Angeles Gladiators
  3. New York Excelsior
  4. Dallas Fuel