Prodigy July 9, 2018

Today kicks off Quarterfinal Week in the inaugural Overwatch League playoffs. Wednesday we see all four teams in action, fighting for a spot to take on division winners New York Excelsior and the Los Angeles Valiant. Whether any of this week’s OWL teams stand a chance of making it to the finals remains to be seen.

The playoffs will introduce a new patch to the Overwatch League, and with it a potentially new meta. A reworked Hanzo will more than likely seen an uptick in playtime, thanks to Storm Arrow and a new mobility ability. With Widowmaker still as strong as ever, the double sniper composition has the potential to be dominant. It is the Overwatch League however, and I’m sure we will still see plenty of dive comps based around which map is being played.

(6) decrease proscar cost Philadelphia Fusion vs (3) Boston Uprising

The Overwatch League playoffs will feature teams playing in a best of three series, with the potential of 15 total maps in a quarterfinal matchup. The sixth seeded Philadelphia Fusion peaked in Stage 2, narrowly losing to the NYXL in the stage finals in a Game 5. Since then they’ve battled mediocrity, finishing the last two stages with a 5-5 and 6-4 record respectively.

The Fusion have two of their roles figured out. They have Boombox on Zenyatta, neptuNo as Mercy, Eqo on projectile DPS and Carpe carrying at whatever hero he sees fit. But the question marks that have plagued the Fusion’s tank line since Sado’s suspension ended still remain. It’s safe to say Sado’s Winston outperforms fragi’s, but is his Reinhardt truly better? An important question in a meta that will surely see more Rein play. Does Hotba really deserve to start over Poko, despite his synergy with Sado? The Fusion’s playoff success depends on their answer to these questions, and Philly’s tank line could be the deciding factor in this series.

The Boston Uprising’s season has been a roller coaster of ups and downs. Starting the year with consecutive 6-4 stages, the Uprising were hit hard when their star DPS was accused of sexual misconduct allegations and promptly released from the team. But to the surprise of many, the Uprising responded in the face of adversity and rallied off an undefeated Stage 3. But Stage 4 saw a drastic meta change and as Tracer’s usage plummeted, so did the Boston Uprising. They finished Stage 4 with a 4-6 record.

Some say the Uprising were carried by Striker’s Tracer. Others say Boston is traditionally slow to adapt to a new meta. Was it the loss of head coach Crusty to the San Francisco Shock? Perhaps Stage 4 was just a minor setback for the Uprising. We’ll find out for sure this Wednesday. Personally, I won’t believe the Uprising can have success in this meta until I see it. Mistakes on Hanzo paired with Striker on Widowmaker is a serious question mark. I don’t think a third match will be necessary in this series.

Prediction: correct 2-0 wellbutrin uk Philadelphia Fusion


(5) index aggrenox cost London Spitfire vs (4) Los Angeles Gladiators

The London Spitfire can be the most frustrating team in the Overwatch League. I can’t imagine how it feels as a Spitfire fan. On paper, this team is one of the most talented in the league. We saw that on display when they defeated NYXL in the Stage 1 finals. But ever since then, they’ve disappeared into complacency.

The Spitfire got by early on talent alone. But as teams began to synergize and coordinate, the Spitfire fell down the standings. The blame for that falls on the coaches and the Spitfire players themselves. After spending much of their time early on using a carousel of different players, the Spitfire cut half their team down to the remaining seven. Hopefully, this leads to a more focused and coordinated London Spitfire squad, but whether we see that play out in the playoffs is to be determined. The Spitfire’s success relies on birdring’s return to form.

The Los Angeles Gladiators are polar opposites of the London Spitfire. Looking at their team on paper, one could say this team has actually overachieved. But led by a consistent coach in dpei, it’s obvious the players on the Gladiators really want to win. LAG always show up with a plan and impresses as a well coordinated and intelligent team. This will be vital as the Hanzo changes play out in the first playoff matches. Whoever is more prepared for the patch changes will win this series.

But game planning aside, can their players keep up with the raw talent of the London Spitfire? While London has had weeks to prepare, I can only imagine how bad Fissure wants to beat the team that let him walk. This has the potential to be one of most exciting series in OWL’s first ever league playoffs.

Prediction: buy propranolol europe Los Angeles Gladiators 2-1