Prodigy September 13, 2018

There is plenty of wild and rampant roster speculation already in this first ever OWL offseason. What Contenders players are getting picked up and which OWL expansion teams are they going to? But in this article, I want to take a step back and reassess the OWL talent from last year. Many players that were cut or routinely benched deserve a chance to prove they belong on a starting OWL roster. So only pulling from the pool of players that played in OWL season 1, these are the new best fits for the original 12 OWL franchises.

my sources Boston Uprising


Silkthread was really just ladder player before getting picked up by the Los Angeles Valiant prior to the 2018 OWL season. In the preseason, silkthread’s Genji shined and I was certain stardom was on the horizon for silkthread. But he struggled to find a spot early in the season on a tumultuous Valiant squad, and was eventually shipped off to their rival, the Los Angeles Gladiators. Finally silkthread would be given an opportunity, most assumed. But it proved to be more of the same on the Gladiators for silkthread, and instead of showing out on his impressive Genji, he was often put on Zarya if played at all.

Boston released Mistakes and now has a glaring hole at a DPS position, alongside their Tracer/Widowmaker player, Striker. This is a perfect opportunity for silkthread to prove his talent on projectile DPS. With the release of Kalios, the Uprising could additionally use silkthread when Zarya is needed. But it will be on silkthread to prove that he isn’t just a ladder warrior, he can be a part of a team.

learn the facts here now Dallas Fuel


This connection is almost too easy and is one many OWL fans have speculated on already. With Seagull’s retirement, the Fuel lost their Genji and Pharah player (among other things). Akm is a hitscan player and does not usually play well when forced onto projectile DPS, as the Fuel learned the hard way. Simply put, ShaDowBurn is among the best Pharah and Genji players in the Overwatch League. The only difficulty here is whether ShaDowBurn wants to join the Fuel, as he will be one of OWL’s most sought after free agents.

Florida Mayhem


Everyone says ArK and Anamo are nearly identical. So while NYXL haven’t released Anamo yet, I don’t see why they would keep him. Anamo deserves a starting spot on an OWL roster. The Florida Mayhem have many lineup holes, and Anamo can come in and instantly fill an immediate need at their main healer role. The only question remains is whether NYXL let Anamo walk this offseason. Additionally, the Mayhem held tryout trials to determine which players would make their roster, so it’s unlikely any player currently signed to a team participated in the tryout. However, Anamo is still a proven commodity and would start on nearly every OWL roster.

Houston Outlaws


It’s impossible to predict what the meta will be come January 2019, but it is likely that Sombra will still be a strong pick. Danteh just happens to be the best Sombra player in the league. Danteh had a formidable start to the OWL 2018 season, despite his little professional experience beforehand. But once sinatraa was age-eligible, Danteh disappeared from the Shock’s starting lineup. Still, he boasts a very good Tracer, Genji, and Doomfist to pair with his Sombra and he is one of OWL’s hottest 😉 available assets. Where he goes depends on the San Francisco Shock’s asking price, and who is willing to pay it.

The Outlaws had an obvious Tracer need throughout season 1, but could also use Danteh’s Doomfist and Sombra moving forward. Danteh would fit right in with the Outlaw’s mostly-Western squad and he would certainly see more playtime.

London Spitfire


What could a team that just won a championship and bringing back all of their players possibly need? The same thing any 7-man squad needs: depth. I present to you Ado, Shanghai’s former DPS player. The Spitfire have a weird DPS setup, with Profit and birdring constantly switching who plays Tracer and who plays Genji. That’s because Profit and birding are world class at nearly all the DPS heroes in Overwatch. The end of the season featured birdring on Widowmaker and Profit on everything else, but the meta will look much different come 2019.

But last season we saw what happened to the Spitfire when birdring suffered a wrist injury. Ado, another DPS player that can play Tracer or Genji with ease, would be a perfect sub player for the Spitfire should anything happen to their dynamic DPS duo.

Los Angeles Gladiators


A fan favorite, fragi was the Fusion’s original main tank until Sado served his 30-match suspension. Philly has seemingly moved on with Sado, but fragi still claims one of the best Reinhardt’s in the Overwatch League. The Gladiators, who just lost their main tank star, Fissure, now have a colossal hole at main tank to fill. Fragi’s aggresive Reinhardt style is somewhat similar to Fissure’s and could step right up into place. Not to mention his already in place synergy with the Gladiators support line, Shaz and BigGoose, due to their play for Finland in the Overwatch World Cup.

Los Angeles Valiant


KariV is a fragger, and is known to do so on a multitude of different heroes. But in a changing meta, is KariV capable of playing a character that has a main focus on healing? More than likely. But if the Valiant wanted to run Lucio-Ana right now, I’m not sure how they’d do it and I’m not sure it would work well. I propose the Valiant sign chipshajen to be an Ana specialist in the upcoming OWL season, while Custa can slide over to Lucio and continue his shot-calling focus.

New York Excelsior


Rascal is currently signed to the NRG Academy team and rumor has it he may have already signed with his parent club, the San Francisco Shock. But with most of his hero pool overlapping with Architect’s, I’m not sure why the Shock make that move. Rascal, who lived up to his name by being cut by two different OWL teams in the inaugural season, would really benefit by signing with a team with a great infrastructure and one that will not rely on his ability so heavily. Therefore, the NYXL seem like the perfect fit. New York depended on Libero too much as their projectile DPS workhorse and Rascal could help alleviate Libero’s load. It’s possible NYXL call up nanohana to their main roster as a backup projectile DPS, but Rascal could be insurance if nanohana’s Contenders struggles prove to be no fluke.

Philadelphia Fusion


HaGoPeun was recently cut from the Spitfire, but only because of Bdosin’s dominant Zenyatta play. The Fusion are deep and have few weaknesses, but if there is one spot I think they can improve it’s at off-healer. HaGoPeun would be the perfect Ana to pair with neptuNo’s Lucio, and he can also flex onto Sombra if necessary.

San Francisco Shock


OK, you know I had to. Is this remotely likely? No. But no OWL offseason speculation post is complete without a little mention of xQc. Super is still really young, and the Shock are counting on him to turn a corner this upcoming season. But what if he doesn’t? What if super just doesn’t have the juice? Because xQc invented the juice, he’s a proven player that could really thrive with good teammates around him. He’s obviously a huge risk, but it could work on a team that has another viable option at main tank, should a suspension arrive. Just for a moment picture sinatraa + xQc on the same Overwatch squad, teabagging and tilting their opponents all the way to Horizon Lunar Colony. Sign me up.

Seoul Dynasty


The Seoul Dynasty were so desperate for a main tank this season they made ryujehong play the role in Stage 4. Why not go out and get the best main tank free agent around? How about find one that’s been itching to get back with a Korean squad? Hmm. Well, I can’t think of anyone that fits that bill, but I’ll come back to it later. It would be nice if they could find someone like Fissure, but who is better…

Shanghai Dragons


The 0-40 Shanghai Dragons have a need at every single Overwatch role besides Geguri’s off-tank spot. I put AimGod here because it’s about damn time the Dragons have somebody with a little confidence on their side. Somebody aggressive that will make big, game-winning plays. You don’t have a name like AimGod without a little swagger, and the Dragons are in dire need of it.