owlobsessed March 14, 2019

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This was the easiest one and it features the only two undefeated teams in the Overwatch League: New York and Vancouver. We need these two teams to face off in the Stage 1 Finals as it will produce an early front-runner for the 2019 OWL crown. But can both teams avoid playoff upsets to reach that point? Either way, these are clearly the top two teams.


This tier features teams I can confidently say are “good.” All of these teams look strong enough on paper and have proven enough in game to deserve a spot in the stage playoffs. The Shock have all the talent in the world in theory, including their coach Crusty, but haven’t looked consistent yet. Their ceiling is the highest of these teams, but the Shock and their potential are almost a meme at this point. What the Fusion bring is the opposite, a consistent team that’s played together for sometime now. When you play the Fusion, you know you’re facing off against an elite team. Atlanta and Toronto are two expansion teams that have looked really sharp so far in Stage 1, to the surprise of many. But each will have to prove they can get over “big game” jitters as the most important match of their OWL careers (besides maybe Neko) is next weekend in the Stage 1 playoffs.


The B-Tier is filled with teams that can be good, but they haven’t yet proved they can be consistently good. Guangzhou is a couple more good wins away from jumping in the A-tier. Dallas and Seoul, doomed to be tied together forever apparently, will always boast decent teams. But I don’t think either will ever be elite in the Overwatch League. Boston and Paris have high ceilings when they are on their A-game, but the fall down to their floors is quite steep.


These teams have got out to an unfortunate start in Season 2 of the Overwatch League. And yet, any of these franchises could pull together for a run and still make the League Playoffs (except Houston, that roster is bad.) London have always been irregular and erratic and could flip the script at any moment. With Decay now age-eligible, the Gladiators will return to more of a B-tier team where they belong. The three Chinese teams: Shanghai, Chengdu and Hangzhou have fun pieces capable of big moments, but the rosters aren’t fully fleshed out enough to seriously be a contender. Houston’s squad is just not very good and flame has to be on the hot seat as Outlaws’ GM.


Yeah, these teams are pretty trash. I do think the Valiant will turn it around after a tough start because they at least have the talent. But as I said in my Season Preview, this was the start the LAV deserved after staying idle in the off-season. Whether their relationship with Custa is repairable remains to be seen. The Valiant marketing team inexplicable continue to reveal the team as poorly-run and inept. The entire situation is just unfortunate. The Mayhem are bad again, just as they were last year. They act as if running a bottom-tier roster in OWL will somehow yield anything more than a bottom-tier record. Hell, maybe they just like losing. They do it pretty damn good. Although they don’t do it as well as the Justice, where Kate put together the worst roster in OWL history. Washington is a serious contender to take on the Shanghai legacy. Looks like Kate and the Justice paid the wrong NYXL coach. Oh well, at least he’s actually getting paid.