Best of the Best

Prodigy June 8, 2018

view website Unlike most Overwatch heroes, Widowmaker has only one job: click heads. This hero is based off pure hitscan aiming ability. It’s often difficult to choose players in these rankings, due to the fact that it’s troublesome quantifying an exact contribution from heroes like tanks and heroes like supports that heavily rely on their teammates. With […]

Prodigy May 30, 2018

how to order prednisone Zenyatta is one of the few Overwatch heroes that has firmly been in the meta throughout the first season of the Overwatch League. Next to Mercy, you can find Zenyatta as a staple of every team’s backline in pretty much every OWL match. He (yes I’m going with he over it and it’s certainly not […]

Prodigy May 21, 2018

This new Best of the Best series is one I plan on doing for each Overwatch playable character. The premise is which Overwatch League players rank among the elite at each Overwatch hero. This is a resource Overwatch players can use to learn, improve or just have fun on an Overwatch hero. Today’s piece is […]